In Brief

Establish a new business or operation in Norway?
We know all the obstacles and procedures to overcome. Multicapital has during many years of interaction with foreign counterparts developed our platform for economic and business related advice. We want to contribute to added value for our clients by improving all or part of the business, including governance and risk management. We also assist with the implementation of transactions in various businesses. Based on our experience and overall competence Multicapital contributes with specialist knowledge and experience both locally and internationally.

Management for Hire
Multicapital offers pre-hire and project management capacity for urgent and temporary needs, lasting from a couple of weeks up to several months. Typical needs can be derived from the following situations;

  • Time consuming or delayed employment processes
  • Internationalization projects and new market entries
  • Business start-ups and product launches
  • Structural changes (i.e. demergers) and turnarounds
  • Imposed capacity restrictions (maintain high flexibility)
  • Other short term capacity problems and bottlenecks

Our targeted clients are only limited in respect of the clients needs of specialized industry knowledge. Our typical clients are doing business related to the financial and real estate industries.

Consulting and Business Development
Our consultants have long term experience from the investment banking industry, from corporate finance and general financial advisory. We have a proven record within entrepreneurship and business development. We have provided analysis and valuations for several clients and projects – in addition to market analysis on micro and macro levels.

Ad-hoc Valuations and Evaluations
Sometimes company stakeholders, managers, minority interests need a second opinion to official evaluations, project reviews and established facts. From time to time it is important to get fresh reviews on an arms lengths distance to any stakeholder interest. It’s a fact that parties involved can have different agendas, and sometimes different views clashes into disputes, making reconciliation difficult, putting further progress on hold.

Assisting foreign contractors, suppliers and expatriates in Norway
Foreign contractors which shall perform work for clients in Norway must undertake a series of procedures relating to registration of its business activity in Norway, including the registration of each engagement and the enrollment and registration of each foreign employee that shall perform the mission.   The foreign employee must have a legal permit, confirmed either by a registration procedure (EU/EEA/EFTA nationals) or by obtaining a residence permit from the immigration authorities.   Depending on the contractor’s legal entity, its affiliation through a permanent establishment and the duration of the missions in Norway, there are certain tax implications to be considered for the contractor and its employees.

It is important to manage these processes correctly and efficiently. We help to organise so that the processing time, if possible, can be reduced, while the result for the client and / or the employee is optimized based on individual circumstances, intentions and preferences.   We are familiar with all procedures that must be executed and know which various options that are available. We provide assistance both to the foreign contractors and their employees in Norway.